Energy Management

Energy Management

Use less, save more.     Conserve Energy and Save Money Watch The Video   There are many ways to save energy and money.     1. Unplug/switch off (at the plug/socket) transformers, chargers, and other electronics when not in use.   2. Replace lightbulbs with energy-efficient LEDs that last longer and use less energy

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Manage Your Energy Use at Home

    Ways to save energy and money while at home. Manage Your Energy Use at Home Watch The Video Here are some helpful ways to save energy and money. Ventilation Keep cool and comfortable with fans, and open windows; use curtains to filter direct sunlight. Clean Filters Clean or replace filters in your clothes

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Saving Energy at Home

Saving energy at home The Charles Family focuses on energy efficiency Tornia and Kezel Charles and their Mom, Wilma, are strong advocates of energy efficiency at their home in Concord, St. John. After hearing an energy efficiency message from Grenlec about using electricity wisely, they decided to make some simple lifestyle changes that reduced their

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Focus on energy efficiency – Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel and Spa

At the Calabash Hotel and Spa in Grenada, using energy wisely is more than just a way to save money and increase profitability. It’s part of their corporate mission to better serve customers and do what’s good for Grenada. According to Zack Samuel, Calabash’s Resort Manager, being energy efficient and exploring renewable energy options is

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Energy Pinchers

    Save energy & money Throughout every home there are appliances that use electricity even when they are turned off or idle. They are known as “energy pinchers.” Here’s how to stop the waste from energy pinchers in your home. Switch off or unplug televisions, cable boxes, power strips and other entertainment appliances when

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Save energy when building

Save Energy With New Energy-Smart Homes & Commercial BuildingsIf you’re remodeling or building in Grenada, this is your opportunity to create a home or business facility that costs less to operate, provides greater comfort, health and safety, and is gentler on the environment. Grenlec encourages you to design your new home or building with energy

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