Saving energy at home
The Charles Family focuses on energy efficiency
Tornia and Kezel Charles and their Mom, Wilma, are strong advocates of energy efficiency at their home in Concord, St. John.
After hearing an energy efficiency message from Grenlec about using electricity wisely, they decided to make some simple lifestyle changes that reduced their electricity bills noticeably within months.
“Everyone can do it, why would you want to waste energy,” says Tornia.
Here are some of the Charles family’s best practices for saving energy at home:
• Switch off and unplug appliances in every room when not in use—including TVs, water heaters, lights, fans, microwave, curling irons and blow dryers.

• In the laundry, just do full loads, you’ll save electricity and water.

• Replace your old incandescent bulbs with long-lasting, energy-saving bulbs and LEDs to reduce lighting costs.

• Use 220-volt appliances to minimise the use of transformers.
“Being energy-efficient makes me feel good. We’re helping the environment and lowering our household expenses,” adds Tornia. “Why spend money when you don’t have to? Everyone can make some simple, energy-efficient lifestyle changes without sacrificing comfort.”

For more ways to save energy and money, watch our video