SAVE Your Pocket spare the Earth

While Grenlec has invested in renewable energy, most of Grenada’s electricity generation is from imported fuel. The cost of this fuel is based on unstable world market prices. In recent years, the unpredictability in fuel prices has resulted in increasing costs for transportation and electricity. Your electricity bill separates the fuel and non-fuel components of your total cost, making it easier for you to see where your money is being spent. Grenlec is committed to the pursuit of renewable energy resources to stabilise fuel prices in the long-term and mindful that conserving the use of our energy resources will always be a priority.

Energy Management for Commercial and Industrial Customers

As conflict and other activities around the world increase the
volatility of the cost of goods and services, including electricity,
Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. (Grenlec) continues to
encourage customers to conserve electricity and manage their
costs. Our commercial and industrial customers use energy
mainly for cooling, lighting, office equipment, and specialized
machinery. We advise you to consider energy efficiency from
design and installation to operations and maintenance, and
eventually the retirement and replacement criteria.

Helpful Information About Your Electricity Use

During the festive seasons, you may notice an increase in your electricity use. Before thinking that there may be a problem with your electric meter, please consider that there can be several other reasons for increased electricity usage.