At the Calabash Hotel and Spa in Grenada, using energy wisely is more than just a way to save money and increase profitability. It’s part of their corporate mission to better serve customers and do what’s good for Grenada.

According to Zack Samuel, Calabash’s Resort Manager, being energy efficient and exploring renewable energy options is an ongoing process to decrease operating costs and increase investments in other eco-friendly energy solutions. “As a leader in the industry, we want to demonstrate best practices for using our resources wisely. It makes a positive difference to our staff, our customers, and our nation,” says Mr. Samuel.

“Our customers feel good about coming to our hotel knowing that we use the latest technologies to increase their comfort and lessen our impact on the environment.”

Energy Efficiency Improvements:
1. LED Lights: Add ambiance and style—use 75% less energy and last 10x longer.
2. High-efficiency AC Units: Quieter and nicer looking–keep rooms cool and comfortable at a lower cost.
3. High-efficiency Refrigeration: Operates 24/7 without temperature fluctuations to cut electricity costs.
4. Electric Golf Carts: Easily navigate the property, without diesel transportation.
5. Work in Progress – Solar Farm

“We can combat rising world fuel prices, keep Grenada beautiful, and positively impact the bottom line by using our resources sensibly. Investments in energy efficiency benefit you today and future generations of our children to come,” says Mr. Samuel.