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Getting Electricity Service

Follow these 5 steps to get electricity service                                Plan for energy: Design for safety and energy efficiency. Secure planning approval. Advise Grenlec if project is extensive or will require new infrastructure. Use Grenlec’s Service Application Checklist to guide you: Download here. Wire or Modify Wiring: Use a licensed electrician. Apply to Government Inspectorate Unit

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Do You Need Grenlec to Move a Pole?

   Please contact Grenlec three months in advance      Do You Need Grenlec to Move a Pole?  WATCH VIDEO 5 Steps for Pole Relocation Sometimes it’s necessary to relocate an electricity pole. Here is the process: Customer submits written request to Grenlec to relocate pole, at least three months in advance. Grenlec assesses to find

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Save Time with Grenlec’s Service Application Checklist

Use Grenlec’s Service Application Checklist to verify what Grenlec needs for each service request. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. 1. Find the service you need. 2. Note the corresponding letter. 3. Tick the box where that letter is listed. That’s your list of Grenlec’requirements. Please note requirements for all service requests: 1. Application

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New Library Constructed for Calliste

Monday, 4 February 2019: Students at the Calliste Government School are enjoying reading in their newly constructed library.The 650 sq. ft. space was officially handed over to the students, principal and staff of the school at the end of January.The project was initiated by Grenada Schools Inc., in partnership with the Ministry of Education and

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New Location for Grenville Customer Care Centre

Grenlec’s Customer Care Centre in Grenville opened its doors today at its new location on Ben Jones Street.  The new office, now located just past the gas station, on the ground floor of the building known as the Upper Level building is more spacious and accommodating to serve customers. A short ribbon-cutting ceremony with blessing

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Grenlec Statement – New Energy Bills

The new Electricity Supply Bill and Public Utilities Regulatory Commission Bill presently being raced through Parliament by the Government of Grenada will fundamentally alter and restructure every single aspect of how Grenada’s nationwide electricity sector is owned, operated and regulated.  These new bills unilaterally scrap the current legislative and regulatory framework that has successfully allowed

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Avoid estimated bills

Provide Safe Access to Your Meter At least once every month, our meter readers need to access your electricity meter to obtain an actual reading. These visits are important because they help us to bill you correctly and on time. Periodically and during emergencies, other Grenlec team members may also check your meter for accuracy.

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