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Electricity Customers Strongly Encouraged to Save Energy

Electricity Customers Strongly Encouraged to Save Energy as Sharp Increases in World Crude Oil Continue to Push Electricity and Other Prices Up Grenlec is again drawing customers’ attention to a considerable increase in world fuel prices that is impacting the price of electricity, transportation and other products and services worldwide. Of note, between June

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Grenlec Awards Grants to Traditional Mas and Rainbow City Festivals

Continuing its patronage of Grenada’s National Cultural Festivals, Grenlec has awarded grants to the Spicemas Corporation and the St. Andrew Development Organisation (SADO). These grants, provided through the Grenlec Community Partnership Initiative (GCPI), will support the Traditional Mas Festival and the Rainbow City Festival. Among the priorities of the Grenlec programme, preservation of culture

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Grenada 2022 Traditional Mas Festival

The Grenlec Family pays tribute to traditional masqueraders of the past, the present and those yet to come. After the COVID-19 pause on our August festivals, we are delighted to join the Spice Mas Corporation, our traditional masqueraders, spectators and corporate Grenada in supporting the 2022 carnival festivities. This is one of the annual

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