Energy is essential and plays a significant role in our everyday lives. It helps us to stay connected with our families and friends and is a crucial for business, work and education. With the onset of the CoronaVirus pandemic, we all had to adjust to a new way of life which included working from home; online schooling; shortages in food and other supplies; rise in costs of goods, services and world fuel rates.

5 – Year Fuel Charge History

Grenlec’s Non-Fuel Rate has increased by only 3 cents Since 1994

Save Energy, Save on Your Electricity

Grenlec is encouraging customers to practice good energy conservation practices to manage their energy consumption and help save money.

Tips for Conserving Energy

Also, by understanding your electricity bill and comparing it to previous bills you can identify any changes or increases on your bill.

Things That Affect Your Electricity Bill

  • Changes in the number of people and activities at your residence. School children on vacation or additional family members and house guests can increase your use of lights, cooling equipment, appliances, hot water, TVs, and other electronics.
  • Extra decorative lighting during festive seasons
  • Increased use of cooling equipment, including air conditioners, fans and other appliances.
  • Estimated electric bills. Sometimes our meter readers are unable to access your meter for various reasons. Occasionally we need to verify the readings when the meter shows inconsistencies, such as no consumption. When these circumstances occur, an estimated bill is calculated based on your previous usage pattern. The bill is labelled as an “estimate” in the top left-hand corner of the middle portion of your bill. When we are able to obtain an actual reading, we adjust your bill. When you receive an estimated bill, please call us at 237 or (473) 440- 2097 to discuss.
  • Variance in number of days between electricity meter readings. 
  • Windows and doors left open or that aren’t properly sealed while the air conditioning is running will increase your cooling costs.
  • Changes in electricity rates. Your electricity bill is comprised of a fuel charge which is adjusted monthly, as well as a non-fuel charge which is adjusted annually. Over the last 27 years, the nonfuel charge has only increased by 3 cents.

Grenlec’s General Manager (Ag) Clive Hosten provides information to customers about the high electricity rates that some customers are experiencing at this time. Grenlec remains committed to providing customers with a reliable and safe electricity service.