Kite building and flying are wonderful Grenadian traditions, tests of design and skill that we most often associate with the Easter Season. As we observe this custom, we say hats-off to the citizens who faithfully and safely maintain these customs.

Throughout this season, we continue to remind kite flyers to be safe and to be mindful that kites contacting lines cause outages.

To protect yourself from injury, we advise that you fly a kite that you can control, away from power lines and at a distance that you can see. This is because a kite or kite string that contacts a line can conduct electricity to the kite flyer and result in serious injury or death.

For safety, if your kite accidentally gets caught in or near power lines, release the string at once and call Grenlec at 237 to report the incident. NEVER attempt to retrieve a kite caught in a power line as it is unsafe.

Note that kites and kite strings contacting power lines can also trigger breaker trips and cause extensive electricity outages that can result in downtime, inconvenience and damaged equipment for customers.

As you enjoy kite flying this season, we urge you to be safe and to be considerate.

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