Grenlec is reminding customers about recent changes in the electricity bill.

These changes introduced by the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) Interim Tariff determination means two new components, the Fuel Adjustment Clause and the Renewable Energy Charge, are now applicable to all customers.

The Renewable Energy Charge was implemented in October 2023 to show the impact of renewable sources of energy as a separate item (component) on the bill. The second change, the Fuel Adjustment Clause is taking effect this month.

Fuel Adjustment Clause Overview:
Grenlec calculates the monthly customer fuel charge based on a 3-month average of fuel prices.

This means that there are always variations between the actual fuel costs incurred by Grenlec and the amount billed to customers through the fuel charge.

  • Rising Fuel Prices: Customers pay less than Grenlec’s actual fuel costs. The fuel adjustment clause helps recover the difference in the following billing period.
  • Falling Fuel Prices: Customers pay more than Grenlec’s actual fuel costs. In such cases, the fuel adjustment clause allows Grenlec to credit the difference back to customers.

Please note that while the fuel adjustment clause benefits both customers and Grenlec, it may result in significant upward and downward movements in the monthly fuel charge. On 7 November 2023, the first FAC was implemented together with the monthly fuel charge as
per the Interim Tariff:

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All rates, including a rate history for the fuel charge and the fuel adjustment clause, are available at