Grenada Electricity Services (Grenlec) is pleased to announce that it is currently exploring opportunities that would boost utility-scale renewable energy penetration in Grenada. The immediate focus for Grenlec is on integrating renewable energy generation at sites in Point Salines, St. George’s, Pearls, St. Andrew and Carriacou.

This thrust aligns with sustainable practices and environmental responsibility as well as national goals to diversify the energy mix and increase renewable energy generation.

The first phase of this renewable energy initiative includes studies of a multi-site project at Point Salines with an Environmental Impact Assessment beginning soon.

As part of the preparation process for the renewable energy initiatives, Grenlec officials and consultants are actively engaging with various stakeholders and communities to assess impact, raise awareness, and ensure an inclusive process.

Acknowledging the recent challenges faced by electricity customers on mainland Grenada due to power outages, the Company is actively engaging all stakeholders about the way forward.

Grenlec’s focus on increasing renewable energy generation is part of a broader approach to enhance the resilience and capacity of the power generation infrastructure. It also includes adopting solutions for strengthening the traditional fossil fuel generation capacity and exploring alternative fuels.

By combining renewable energy sources with conventional generation, Grenlec is not only embracing sustainability, but is also strengthening its systems to meet the evolving needs of our customers