Adding to the celebration of 50, Grenlec is exploring portrayals of Traditional Mas in this year’s edition of our annual display of curated exhibits by Grenadian designers.

Presented at the Company’s Customer Care Centres the Displays speak to an appreciation of national pride and identity, through depictions of the unique elements of Grenadian Masquerade created around aspects of our journey as a Nation.

Prudence Greenidge, Grenlec’s Corporate Communications Manager, applauded designers, Sandra Holas, Sherma Mitchell and Hazel Herbert for bringing the Traditional Mas elements – the Vieux Corps, Shortknee, Wild Indian, Jab-Jab and Shakespeare Masquerader to life.

She added, “It is our hope that while our customers continue to enjoy Traditional Mas as a feature of Spicemas, there is cognizance of its significance as living stories of our history and cultural heritage. Elements from the traditions of our forebearers, seasoned by the struggles of our people ans repurposed as expressions of freedom, our Traditional Mas has been altered over the years in the same way that all culture changes over time.

The Grenlec Team invites you to view the Independence Designer Displays at each Customer Care Centre or at

Grenville Customer Care Centre – Design by Sherma Mitchell

Bruce Street Customer Care Centre – Design by Hazel Herbert-Green-Antoine

Grand Anse Customer Care Centre – Design by Sandra Holas

Carriacou Customer Care Centre – Design by Hazel Herbert-Green-Antoine