Provide Safe Access to Your Meter

At least once every month, our meter readers need to access your electricity meter to obtain an actual reading. These visits are important because they help us to bill you correctly and on time. Periodically and during emergencies, other Grenlec team members may also check your meter for accuracy. In doing their jobs, our meter readers sometimes face threats from aggressive dogs and the challenges of locked gates and doorways, which can prevent safe access to your meter.

Avoid the inconvenience of estimated bills and help us serve you better.

Provide a clear and unobstructed path to your electricity meter. Ensure that all walkways and areas around your meter are uncluttered and easily accessible. Ensure that your dog is securely restrained. Even the friendliest dog can become aggressive, threatening our meter readers and other service staff.

If you have an electricity meter enclosed within your home, please make arrangements with your electrician to relocate it to the exterior of your building. As a temporary measure, please call us with the reading on your meter or to schedule time for our meter readers to visit your property.

Grenlec is committed to delivering excellent customer service to you. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us create a safe working environment for our meter readers and other service teams.

Please Note

Estimates are adjusted when we obtain an actual reading. Where the estimate was higher than your actual usage, we will credit your account with the difference. Where the estimate was lower than your actual usage, we will add the difference to your next bill.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our Customer Care Team at 237.