One of two August Festivals, which Grenlec supports, the Carriacou Regatta, like the Traditional Mas Festival, seeks to highlight and preserve age-old traditions of our people.

Now in its 58th year, the Carriacou Regatta is the longest sailing event in the region.

Held under the theme “Timeless Culture on the Sea”, the annual four-day event featured boat racing as well as other fun activities, including cultural performances, a beauty pageant and a road marathon.

The Carriacou Regatta is one of four Festivals on the Sister Isles supported by the Grenlec Community Partnership Initiative (GCPI).

Regatta Committee representative, Karl Benjamin, in speaking of this relationship, commented on its longevity and the fact that the GCPI/Regatta collaboration has enabled the Festival at every stage in its journey.

Arts, culture and heritage are priorities of the GCPI and as it did with the Traditional Mas Festival, Grenlec congratulates the Regatta Committee, other partners and participants on their investment of time, talent and other resources.

The Grenlec family is privileged to be one of many partners keeping our cultural practices alive in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.