St. Mark, Grenada’s smallest parish sits on the Western side of the island. Home to historic architecture and scenic landscapes, it is also the venue of the annual Traditional Mas Festival.

It is there in the aptly named Heroes Square – the name itself invoking images of valor, strength and sacrifice – that the Vieux Corp, Shortknee, Moko-Jumbie, Wild Indian, Jab-Jab and other bands gather en masse to portray choreographed rituals.

To Grenadian masqueraders and spectators, these rituals are indigenous depictions of living history. They evoke the spirit of perseverance and community that characterise life in Grenada.

These traditional practices chronicling our journey through the ages are threads from which our society is woven. Grenlec is proud to support the annual Traditional Mas Festival through the Grenlec Community Partnership Initiative (GCPI).

Grenlec believes, as Spicemas CEO Cecil Noel said, “Traditional Mas is a key differentiator between Spicemas and the other Caribbean carnivals.”

The Grenlec Team extends appreciation to the Spicemas Corporation and kudos to masqueraders on the 2023 Traditional Mas Festival. The Company looks forward to growing with all stakeholders as we endeavour to make the Festival even more successful.

Images from Heroes Square, Victoria: Traditional Mas Festival 2023.