Having successfully started the new engine for the first time, the Grenlec team is preparing to put the engine into full service over the next week.

During the installation period over the past 11 weeks, special civil, mechanical and electrical works have been completed in preparation for the commissioning of the new generator, which will increase the Company’s overall power generation capacity to 52MW.

Clive Hosten, Grenlec’s Chief Engineer, notes, “We are fortunate to have had a competent installation team and we look forward to the engine going into full service”.

Over the next three weeks, there is the possibility of unplanned service interruptions as the team integrates the new engine into its operating system.

“We want customers to be aware that while Grenlec is making every effort to avoid inconvenience, it is not unusual for some disruptions to customers’ service, during the commissioning, as the team resolves unforeseen challenges that may arise. Mr. Hosten added, “Having prepared customers for the possibility of outages, we hope the preparatory work our team has done will facilitate a smooth integration with little to no service interruptions”.

The Company anticipates that the new engine will be commissioned before the end of September.

Grenlec apologises for any inconvenience that may arise and assures customers of its continued commitment to reliably serving Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.