In the spirit of innovation and change, Grenlec is introducing a new company logo and multimedia educational campaign, “Energising Our Grenada,” to communicate the utility’s dedication
to the delivery of high-quality, reliable, safe and affordable service for Grenada.’

“The new corporate branding campaign represents the continuous changes we are making at Grenlec to increase efficiencies, innovation and clean energy technologies as we strive to
provide our customers with greater energy security, service and value,” says Collin Cover,Grenlec’s General Manager and Chief Executive Officer.
The new logo pays homage to Grenada’s iconic nutmeg and features the electric plug, a universal symbol for electricity. The vibrant greens, yellows and the grey colours of the new logo
reflect Grenlec’s commitment to environmental sustainability, clean energy and advanced technologies.

These images will complement an expanded public education campaign that focuses on Grenlec’s initiatives for increasing renewable energy use, strengthening the economy and
supporting communities throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. “Grenlec’s new corporate identity better reflects the image of our world-class energy company that is dedicated
to serving our nation with distinction now and in the future,” adds Cover.