Our Renewable Energy Projects

Solar photo-voltaic (PV) technology converts energy from the sun into electricity. Solar PV offers an alternative to unpredictable fossil fuel imports.

List of Grenlec’s Renewable Energy Projects – Grenada

Dusty Highway Facility

Grenlec’s Dusty Highway Facility

Rooftop Installations  
  148.48 kW PV (3 buildings)  
Commissioned: September 2013  
  52.92 kW PV (2 buildings)  
Commissioned: May & June 2016  
Car Ports – Customer and Employee Parking  
143.64 kW PV  
Commissioned: July & August 2016  

Grenlec’s Queen’s Park Power Plant & Substation

Queen’s Park Power Plant & Substation

Rooftop Installations  
102.06 kW PV (4 buildings)  
Commissioned: April – June 2016  
Car Port – Employee Parking Lot  
  30.24 kW PV  
Commissioned: June 2016  
Ground Mounted Installation  
  268.38 kW PV  
Commissioned: August 2016  

Petite Martinique

Ground Mounted PV Installation at Petite Martinique

Ground Mounted Installation  
  31.59 kW PV (approx. 20% of Peak Electricity Demand)  
Commissioned: October 2013  


Fort Frederick Demonstration Project  
1 kW Wind + 1.84kW PV  
Commissioned: October 2012  
St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS)  
Rooftop Installation  
13.92 kW  
Commissioned: May 2014  



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