Herman Frank
– Petite Martinique, Plant Operator, 22 years of service.

“Prior to privatisation, we had load shedding where customers would be without power for several hours every day. Those were bad days. Today, the services we are providing are number one.”


Claudia Alexis joined Grenlec in 1972 and retired in 2008 after serving in many positions during her 36 years of service, from Billing Clerk to Customer Services Director. Claudia remembers, prior to privatisation, the company could not afford to invest in new generators to keep up with the growing demand for electricity. Back then, every day load shedding affected some part of Grenada, shutting off power for 4 to 8 hours at a time.

“With the injection of capital by WRB in 1994, new generators, system improvements and investments in training increased service reliability and customer confidence tremendously. You can see the progress through the years in our economy and communities…without Grenlec, what would you do? I can’t see it any other way,” says Claudia Alexis.

Grelec - Our Team, Proud to Serve Our Nation; Series 2 of 7
Disaster Recovery - Always Ready to Serve Hermon Collier – Distribution Crew Leader, 21 years of service.

Today, Grenlec customers have the comfort of knowing that we are in an even stronger position to recover quickly in the unfortunate event of a disaster. Our Hurricane Fund currently exceeds the expenses related to the Hurricane Ivan recovery. Our experienced team is willing to serve, and our partner utilities in the region stand ready to help us in case of emergency as we have over the years.

"Our greatest joy was the smiles on the faces of the emergency workers - nurses, doctors, police officers and firefighters – business owners, mothers, and fathers when we restored electricity after Hurricane Ivan. As we worked throughout the day and night, we were so grateful for our utility friends from Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, St. Lucia, Dominica, Jamaica and others, who came to our aid, as we have for other islands over the years," says Hermon Collier.

Grelec - Our Team, Proud to Serve Our Nation; Series 3 of 7

Marvin Antoine
– Control Operator, Ag., 8 years of service.

"We provide a very reliable service to our customers, adding value to our economy."

Improving Reliability - Lowering Costs
Ben Brathwaite presents GCPI contribution to JJ Robinson Trust Foundation.

Grenlec is one of the most reliable, efficient and well-run electricity service providers in The Caribbean.

Over the last two years, our customers have seen a significant reduction in their fuel charge and overall electricity bills because our rate mechanism (ESA 1994) requires us to pass on savings from the reduction in world fuel prices. 2016 marked the 12th time in the past 17 years that the non-fuel charge was either decreased or Grenlec chose not to implement a non-fuel increase to which it was entitled.

"It is really extraordinary that the non-fuel rate has only increased by 3 cents in 23 years. Because our rate mechanism requires Grenlec to absorb 2% of inflation, we are not allowed to pass all cost increases to customers. This motivates us to be even more efficient in our operations, as we drive improvements in service, safety and reliability at the lowest possible costs for our customers who rely on us every day to power their homes and businesses. We appreciate the broad support for our continuing dedication to improving reliability," says Ben Brathwaite, Financial Controller.

Grelec - Our Team, Proud to Serve Our Nation; Series 4 of 7
Customers – Our #1 Priority Casandra Slocombe awards customer with promotion prize.

Jason Lewis
– Finance, 20 years of service.

"Our customers can call anytime and get service and help. Our value is reliability."

With keen focus on the future, Customer Services Manager Casandra Slocombe reflects on all the advancements in customer service and team training.

"One of our goals is to help provide our customers a good experience. Whether it’s reporting a fallen line or providing account information, we continue to work on improving our timeliness, efficiency and approach in serving our customers. That’s why we provide 24-hour service in some areas of our business including telephone bill balances, fault reporting and response. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do," says Casandra Slocombe.

Corinth Government School provides appreciation award to Grenlec.

Shawn McQuilkin
– Distribution Supervisor, 25 years of service.

"We've come a long way. Customers have seen our efforts and the impact of the company's investment in delivering high-quality electricity service. Our customers come first and we always want to satisfy them."

Grelec - Our Team, Proud to Serve Our Nation; Series 5 of 7

Barbara Hobson
- Assistant Manager, Customer Services, 39 years of service.

"We look at ways to help customers better manage their energy…I like to see people happy."

Advancing Technologies - Innovation
To Chief Engineer Clive Hosten, who joined Grenlec in 1988, improving system efficiency and increasing renewable energy are critical strategies for maintaining reliability and stabilising costs. To date, more than $220 million has been invested in the infrastructure of the electricity system to more than double installed capacity, peak load, and customer connections over the last 23 years. With the recent completion of Grenada’s largest single solar PV project to date, renewable energy generation is now at 7.5%+ of peak demand with more clean energy sites in the pipeline.

"Our customer-owned renewable energy programme and falling prices for solar installations have helped to increase renewable energy. We are continuing to work with all partners to successfully overcome the challenges of small island states in increasing renewable energy generation in a cost-effective way," says Clive Hosten.

Grelec - Our Team, Proud to Serve Our Nation; Series 6 of 7
Giving Back to Our Communities - GCPI X-Ray Machine for for Princess Alice Hospital Diagnostic Unit

Byron Felix
General Clerk – Carriacou, 20 years of service.

"Grenlec is very good to our country, helping people and schools through the Community Partnership Initiative."

Through our Grenlec Community Partnership Initiative, over the last 23 years, Grenlec has invested more than $20 million in helping communities and organisations improve education, health care and sports, and preserve the rich cultural heritage of our tri-island state.

"At Grenlec, we believe in responsible management that promotes the goals that our communities set for the development and sustainability of our people. We work with non-profit organisations, community groups, churches, Government and the private sector to ensure that the 5% pre-tax profits and the time we all commit have a positive and lasting impact," says Prudence Greenidge, Corporate Communications Manager.

Ribbon-cutting for newly refurbished computer lab at St. Joseph’s Convent, St. George's.
Grelec - Our Team, Proud to Serve Our Nation; Series 7 of 7

Bill Baptiste
– Generation Mechanic, 9 years of service.

"One of the core values of the company is teamwork. We’re dedicated to problem solving and delivering a great service."

Good for ouR nation

"We have a wonderful team that continually strives to provide our customers with greater energy security and the lowest possible cost by investing in improving efficiency and reliability. Together with our shareholders, customers and communities, we will continue to improve our service to energise national development, as it has been our pleasure to do over the years," says Collin Cover, General Manager.

to learn more about how Grenlec is Energising our Grenada

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