Celebrating the Work of Our Community Partners

Working Together to Create
a Sustainable Future

Over the last decade, Grenlec has invested significantly in renewable energy installations and programmes to help reduce our dependence on fuel imports and stabilise electricity prices.

Today, Grenlec and our customers now operate 2.16 MW of renewable energy systems, representing 7.1% of peak demand annually.

That’s enough electricity to power 1,719 Grenadian homes and offset more than 1,959 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

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Queen's Park Project
Hillside: 268.4kW, Employee Car Port: 30.2kW, Rooftop Installations:102.06kW
Queen's Park Power Stations: Total 400.68kW
Grand Anse
Grand Anse:Total 345.04kW
Rooftop Solar 157.30kW, Storage Shed: 44.1kW
Customer Car Port: 22.68kW
St. Patrick, Petitie Martinique, St. Andrew, Carriacou
Plains, St Patrick Ground-mounted Installation:340.2kW
St. Andrew's Anglican Secondary Schoo Rooftop Solar Installation, Ground-mounted Solar Farm in petite Martinique: 31.59kW
Ground-mounted Solar Farm in Carriacou
Rooftop Solar for three Care Institutions
Bel Air Home for Children, Grad Anse Gardens Home for the Aged
Queen Elizabeth Homeor chilidern

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