The GRENLEC Debates is a national inter-secondary school competition, which was started in 2008. Competition begins during the final week of September and culminates around the third week of November.

The idea originated with the Media Worker’s Association of Grenada, which organised a competition that GRENLEC sponsored. The GRENLEC Debates is a revival of that competition. It is organised and executed by GRENLEC, with collaboration from the public sector, private sector and the media.

We view it as significant that many of our schools have formed debating and public speaking clubs that operate throughout the year with broad memberships. The life-long benefits of broadening participation in these activities are numerous. Debating engages students in a range of activities that contribute to their personal and academic development. The reports from our partner schools attest to the strong performances of our debaters and we commend you.


  To revive debating throughout Grenada
  To encourage excellence in research and public speaking
  To promote respect for differing perspectives
  To promote interest in national and international matters


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