To apply for a festival electrical connection, please
complete steps 1 through 4 by Thursday, August 8, 2019, 3:30pm.
Service connections begin 12 noon August 11, 2019.
Complete Application 
for Inspection
(licensed electrician) 
Pay Electrical
Inspection Fee
Present completed
Application for
Inspection Form.
Bring the application and receipt to the Electrical Inspectorate
Unit at the Ministerial Complex.
 4 Provide the following to Grenlec:
*Completed Application for Temporary Connection. Click for form
*Copy of Application for Inspection From submitted to the Electrical Inspectorate Unit.
*Treasury receipt showing payment for inspection.
*Valid ID (Driver's license, voter ID card, passport or NIS card).
*Pay flat fee of $230 for connection, VAT and usage.
Licensed electrician completes wiring prior to inspection
*A covered mounted board with meter base, main switch and
double socket outlet.
*Sturdy structure for service line.
*Setup should meet requirements of Government
Electrical Inspectorate
Electrical Inspectorate and Grenlec will visit booths together
for inspection and connection.


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