Follow these 5 steps to get electricity service
  Plan for energy: Design for safety and energy
efficiency. Secure planning approval.
Advise Grenlec if project is extensive or will require
new infrastructure.
  Use Grenlec’s Service Application Checklist to
guide you:
Download here.
  Wire or Modify Wiring: Use a licensed electrician.
  Apply to Government Inspectorate Unit for
Licensed electrician prepares application.
Pay fees and submit application to Inspectorate.
Inspectorate will issue Certificate of Approval after satisfactory inspection.
  Apply to Grenlec for Connection: Submit Certificate of Approval,
application form and pay fees. Grenlec Service Application Checklist
details requirements and service timelines.
If you have any questions about applying for electricity service, please call us at 237 or 440-2097.

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