Grenlec’s Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme enters Phase 3 - June 2015

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Great News!  Grenlec’s Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme enters Phase 3 with 500 kW available

Grenlec is proud to expand our nation’s use of renewable energy resources.  Launched in 2007 and the first of its kind in the Caribbean, our voluntary Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme now boasts more than 90 customer-owned renewable energy sites with an aggregate installed capacity that will total 800 kW upon completion of ongoing installations. 

Grenlec welcomes the growing number of customers who are investing in renewable energy systems and connecting to our nation’s electrical grid through the Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme.  Together, we can achieve our nation’s goal of 20% renewable energy by 2020.

About Phase 3:

Eligible customers can apply now to participate in Phase 3’s 500 kW tranche. Systems can be up to 100 kW. Customer applications will be reviewed and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Participating customers can produce electricity through their own renewable energy system, such as solar or wind.  The power produced at the customer’s site is fed into the electrical grid and purchased by Grenlec.  Customers are charged the retail rate for the energy they use and credited for the energy they produce based on avoided fuel cost (the value of the fuel that Grenlec would have used to produce the energy supplied by the customer). Connection to the grid helps customers maintain reliability, in addition to helping them save money on expensive energy storage and battery back-up systems.


Eligible renewable energy systems include:

Solar Photo Voltaic (PV)

Wind Power


Hydro Power


Availability:     July 2, 2015


How to participate:

Please visit for our Renewable Energy Interconnection Policy, Step-by-Step Guide, Standard Offer, Interconnection Agreement and Application form. Or, call 237 or 473-440-2097 to speak with our Customer Care Team.



Benefits of connecting to the electrical grid:

·         Access to continuous, reliable, high-quality power on demand when your renewable energy system is not producing electricity due to weather or any other conditions.

·         Avoid costly energy storage and battery back-up devices.

·         Ability to sell all the power you generate to the electrical grid.

·         Promote national energy security and environmental sustainability by using renewable energy resources.


Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme

Here’s how it works:

1.       The customer applies to Grenlec with the appropriate application and agreement documents, design specifications, applicable studies, and fees for the renewable energy system.

2.       Upon meeting all the installation design, application and renewable energy offer requirements to ensure high power quality and safety, system design approval is provided by Grenlec.

3.       Once Grenlec approves the application, the customer selects a vendor, purchases equipment and completes the installation based on the approved system design within 12 months of the approval date.

4.       After the system is installed, the customer provides the system’s inspection certificate, interconnection forms, relevant fees and certificate of insurance if required, so Grenlec can meter and commission the system.

5.       The customer and Grenlec sign an agreement for the interconnection of the customer’s renewable energy system to the electricity grid.

For complete details, applications and contracts, please visit, email or call Customer Care at 237 or 473-440-2097.

Renewable Energy Interconnection Pricing−Net Billing

When your renewable energy system is connected to the electrical grid, the electricity produced is sold to Grenlec.  Connection to the grid ensures reliable power when weather and other conditions are not conducive for your own electricity production. The standard retail electricity rates apply for the electric service provided.  Participating customers have two options for selling power to the grid. The options are based on Grenlec’s avoided fuel cost. That’s the cost of the fuel that Grenlec did not need to purchase or burn for the electricity you generated. 


Option 1, Fixed:  

The customer agrees to receive or be credited at the current fixed price of EC $0.45/kWh (unit) for the electricity generated by the customer’s facility for the duration of the agreement (10 years).  The price is the average estimated fuel cost over a 10-year period.



Option 2, Variable:  

The customer agrees to receive or be credited with a price per kWh that is equivalent to Grenlec’s avoided fuel cost based on the average for the previous 12 months.  Currently, the variable rate is at EC$0.50/kWh for 2015. Pricing over the 10-year contract term will vary based on the cost of fuel. Since 2012, the fuel cost has decreased from $0.54 to $0.50 due to the fall in world fuel prices recently.


How interconnection works: 

Two meters are installed for the renewable energy system. One meter registers all the energy generated by the customer’s system. The other meter registers all the energy consumed by the customer. The customer is paid for all the energy produced by their system at an agreed upon rate, while being billed at the regular utility rate for power used. This arrangement is also known as “buy all, sell all.”


Frequently asked questions about Net Billing

Why doesn’t Grenlec pay the customer the full retail rate for electricity purchased?

Economically, it would not be prudent to pay more for the customer-generated electricity than other available, less expensive fuel sources.  In fairness to all customers who share in the costs for electric service, the utility needs to secure least-cost resources for supplying electricity.  The rate offered to interconnected customers is based on the cost of the fuel Grenlec would have used produce the electricity generated by the customer.


Why does the customer pay the retail rate when they are buying power? It’s because all customers share in the cost of maintaining the electrical system we depend upon.  As part of the electricity charge, all customers pay not only for the fuel to generate electricity but also the non-fuel costs that support the operation, administration, maintenance and delivery of Grenlec’s reliable, high quality electricity through the grid all the time.


Advancing Renewable Energy

Grenlec is excited to offer Phase 3 of our successful Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme to customers. As part of our Renewable Energy Strategic Plan, our goal is to help stabilise electricity prices in Grenada and reduce our dependence on imported fuel by harnessing more energy from renewable sources. We thank our customers for participating in this programme to help us reach our nation’s goal of 20% renewable energy by 2020.


For more information about the Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme, please contact:



Phone: 237 or 473-440-2097


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