Grenlec Advises “Safety First” during Hurricane Season

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Take precautions to be safe at home and work during storms.

With hurricane season now upon us—June 1 through November 30—Grenlec continues to urge customers to take some simple steps to be prepared for tropical storms and hurricanes that may cause service interruptions and risk to public safety.

“Our first concern is the safety of our customers and employees. The devastation of Hurricane Ivan in 2004 heightened our awareness that hurricane preparedness and rapid restoration procedures are critical to our nation’s well being,” says Collin Cover, Grenlec’s General Manager and Chief Executive Officer.

The following safety tips can help minimise inconvenience and maximise safety in the event of electric service disruptions by storms and weather-related emergencies:

1.    Have a Disaster Plan in place at home and at work with instructions about what to do before, during and after a storm hits. Make sure that each person knows the plan, including the location of your emergency shelter in case you have to evacuate.


2.    Create a Safety Kit that includes a portable radio, flashlights (do not use candles), batteries, matches, water, non-perishable food items, sanitation supplies, clothing, medicine, a first-aid kit and any important documents.


3.    Check Appliances

·      Unplug appliance power cords and cables to protect against power surges.

·      Install surge protectors to help prevent damage to your appliances from lightning.

·      Leave your refrigerator on coldest setting when a storm is approaching to help perishables last longer. Avoid opening the door frequently. If the power goes off, unplug the refrigerator.

·      Charge mobile phones and extra batteries fully.

·      Avoid using a corded telephone or any electrical appliance during a storm.

·      Know how to turn off the power from your electrical panel.

·      Safely remove or relocate all electrical equipment and appliances from locations where they might get wet.

·      Ensure that your generator has a fail over switch to prevent power from feeding into the electric grid and causing danger to our crews and others.

·      Listen to the radio or TV stations for instructions. Grenlec will be advising the media as storms approach and emergencies occur.


4.    Trim tree branches near power lines or call 237 if it is unsafe for you to do so.   


5.    Stay in a safe location. Please remain indoors and off the roads for your safety.




In the event of an emergency, alert Grenlec at 237 of low-hanging or damaged wires, electrical poles or other safety threats.  You can also make an emergency report to the nearest Grenlec office or crew member.


·      Do not touch loose or dangling electrical wires, or water near them. Assume that all wires are live and dangerous.

·      If your home has sustained water damage, turn off the power if you can get to the electric panel safely.

·      If appliances and electronics get wet, allow them to dry. Check with your electrician before using again.

·      After a storm, have a licensed electrician check your home for damage to the electrical system before using electricity again.

Rapid Restoration


After emergencies, Grenlec’s trained, experienced crews will first restore power to critical facilities such as hospitals, police and fire departments, water supply pumps and other emergency locations to ensure that our community’s highest priority needs are met as soon as possible.  Following time-tested restoration procedures, Grenlec will then restore power to commercial centres, followed by outage areas prioritised by size. “Our goal is to get the power back on quickly and safely should emergencies occur. Grenlec’s first priority is your safety,” says Cover.


For Grenlec’s Hurricane Preparedness Checklist and more safety information to help before, during, and after a storm, please visit


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Prudence Greenidge

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