Plan for Savings

Plan for Savings

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Planning can help you save time, money & energy.

Congratulations! Whether you are renovating, building your new home or commercial facility, we offer you helpful information about connecting your electricity service appropriately and in a timely manner to keep your construction project on schedule.


1. Contact us during the planning stage

Reviewing your site plans, construction and electrical specifications, outdoor lighting and landscaping drawings can help us assess your power needs correctly at the outset to avoid delays later on.


2. At least 3 months advance notice of project

This time allows us determine the power load (single-phase or three-phase) and voltage required for your building, and if any utility poles need to be moved or erected to service your property. This gives us sufficient time to contact and negotiate with landowners, schedule a Grenlec crew, and contact any neighbouring customers about potential service disruptions.


3. Before excavation

Contact us about any existing electricity poles on the property that may need relocating, to facilitate clearing of the land.


4. Temporary service connection

To facilitate electricity supply to the property during construction, you can apply for a temporary 6-month connection from the Electrical Inspectorate Unit at the Ministry of Works.


5. Assessment required for three-phase electricity

To ensure that the capacity is available, as well as to provide a cost estimate for the connection, we recommend that Grenlec’s site inspection be conducted prior to any project wiring.



1. Contract a licensed electrician

Wiring your building or modifications to the existing wiring should be done by a professional.


2. Contact Grenlec to conduct an inspection

An inspection for commercial and industrial buildings during the electrical installation is recommended. The Grenlec team can provide further guidance regarding matters such as metering and point of entrance locations.


3. Submit to the Electrical Inspectorate Unit, Ministry of Works

• Three copies of the completed Grenada Application for Inspection (showing name as you wish it to appear on electricity bill) completed by the licensed electrician.

• The payment receipt from the Treasury.


We recommend that you provide your permanent service application in person at one of our Customer Care Centres listed below. Alternatively, present a Letter of Authorisation from the account holder where an agent is making the application. Valid photo IDs from customer / account holder and the agent are required.


Final Steps

a. For your convenience, and a step-by-step guide to applying for your electricity service, view our Service Application Checklist


b. Submit to Grenlec: Grenlec’s New Services Application

• A copy of the Certificated of Approval from the Electrical Inspectorate (Ministry of Works)

• Meter number or account number (if applicable)

• Appropriate fees

• Security deposit


c. For residential customers: you will need to present a valid ID (passport, national identification card, or driver’s licence).


d. For commercial customers applications in the name of the registered Company must include:

• Letter of Authorisation on company stationery.

• Certificate of Incorporation or stamped copy of Articles of Association.


Reconnection of service

If service has been disconnected for more than 6 months: 48 hours when meter relocation is not required.


Single-phase connection

Within 100 feet of existing pole: 3-7 business days


Three-phase connection

Timing may vary based on Grenlec’s assessment and whether additional equipment and infrastructure are required: 2 – 12 weeks


Single-phase service

Covers up to 328 feet from the nearest low voltage supply point along the reserved access to the service entry point, where additional electric equipment and infrastructure are required: 6-8 weeks



Customer Care Centres

• Bruce Street, St. George

• Dusty Highway, St. George

• Seaton Brown Street, Grenville

• Main Street, Hillsborough, Carriacou

• Petite Martinique





237 or (473) 440-2097



Energy-Efficient Construction


For more information, please visit


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