St. Lucia’s Energy Road Map

St. Lucia’s Energy Road Map

Author: GRENLEC Blogger/Tuesday, December 6, 2016/Categories: General

St. Lucia’s recently released energy roadmap reveals a sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective electricity future for our neighbouring Caribbean nation. Grenlec applauds St. Lucia for adopting an attainable model and process for collaborative energy sector reform. We encourage you to readDeveloping the Saint Lucia Energy Roadmap.

The joint strategy was developed by the Government of St. Lucia and St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC)—the nation’s sole electric utility—with independent analysis from Rocky Mountain Institute-Carbon War Room (RMI-CWR), and with feedback from the public. The findings reveal opportunities for new investments and ownership structures that work to benefit all customers.

Key findings include:

  • The economically optimal system is a portfolio of solar, wind, energy storage, energy efficiency, and existing diesel generation.


  • Existing diesel generation continues to play a role in the near term to meet reserve requirements and maintain system reliability.


  • The highest degree of utility ownership facilitates the lowest cost of operating the electric system.

Grenlec congratulates the efforts of St. Lucia’s government, LUCELEC, energy advisors and stakeholders who worked cooperatively and collaboratively to develop the vision for St. Lucia’s energy future and embark on a sustainable path for lower electricity costs and energy independence.

Over the past several years, the Government of Grenada and Grenlec were attempting to develop a similar energy roadmap in conjunction with independent external advisors, firstly the U.S. sponsored Caribbean Energy Security Initiative, and more recently with RMI-CWR. The process stopped when Government chose to end discussions and pass the new energy supply legislation. Had the collaborative path been followed, today, Grenada would be much closer to achieving a more diversified energy portfolio.

Grenlec still believes that a collaborative process is the most effective way to positively impact the nation’s energy future and develop solutions that are in the best interests of the Grenadian people. For more information on the St. Lucia Energy Roadmap:

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